I hear a Symphony . .

Wonderful way to experience the London Symphony Orchestra without having to fly to London . .

Music as a subject is the binding glue for which we learn literacy, numeracy, history, geography, science and more.

Our intuitiveness develops from it; also, the development of our interpersonal skills grow from musically learning and performing in collaborative musical groups learning not only a musical language but also reinforcing our social and community skills.
To save dollars, we are educationally, intellectually, emotionally and socially impoverishing our students.
Music is the saviour of our souls, the freedom of our speech and the reflection of our culture.
Politicians you can save money but you are stealing our personal identities!

Dr Sylvana Augustyniak
International music researcher, academic writer, educator.

Music and the Mind: The Benefits of Music Education

In recent years, there have been many important studies completed on the many benefits of music on young minds. There are many cognitive and social benefits including an increase in test scores, a better understanding of math, science, and language.
This video, from PBS, explains how important the benefits of music education are to a young mind, yet there is another part to the story. There has been a steady DECLINE in funding for music education across North American schools.
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The Power of Music


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