Piano Tuning in your Area

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining a piano involves a lot more than tuning, but it is the basis. At a minimum, the annual tuning is the best thing an owner can do for their piano, which in most cases, will out live the owner. I regularly tune pianos that are over 75 years old, to 120 years old. What can you buy today that has any chance of being around in a hundred years?
There are over 25,000 parts in a piano, and half of them move. The 25 to 30 tons of tension coexist in an ingenious balance of tension and compression.

Tuning Prices

Grand and Upright Pianos $ 125.00
Player Pianos $ 150.00
Square Grands $ 150.00
Pitch Raise (to A440) $ 50.00

Some thoughts on properly taking care of your piano:
  • Try to place the piano in the most stable temperature and humidity level place in the room.
  • Never put drinks or hot objects on the piano. Do not eat or drink while playing.
  • Do not see how hard you can play the piano. Treat entire instrument with care and respect.
  • Tune the piano regularly.

Here are some tuning guidelines.

Tuning is a necessary part of maintaining a piano. The more a piano's pitch is changed, the less time it will stay in tune. Concert pianos are tuned before each performance, not because they are bad pianos as tuning is not a permanent thing. The more a piano's pitch is changed the more chance there is for a string to break

Your piano is an important investment. Given the proper care and attention, it will reward you with a lifetime of rich, concert quality sound.

What You Get

On my first visit, your piano will get a thorough inspection. If you're interested in its history, its parts, or its working condition, just ask. I'll give you a personalized recommendation about how to proceed.

Most manufacturers recommend that you service your piano once every six months for the best sound. This can include tuning and/or repairs, depending on your piano's condition. Don't overspend! I'll tell you exactly what is (and isn't) required.

If you're planning to buy a piano, there are many brands and retailers to choose from. I'll help you get informed and select a quality piano that fits your needs.

Whether you're maintaining an existing piano or looking for a new one, I'll help you make the right decision for you and your family. My honest professional consultation can save you valuable time and money. I will only charge for the services you request.

All types (upright, grand, baby grand, spinet, console, player) are serviced.