You can still Honk !!

When I added the licence plate enhancement, I received several admonitions from our local OPP that it was 'confusing' and I could be liable to a $$ fine $$. This informative process culminated with a lengthy phone call from some senior OPP official, who was very clear that a number of his junior officers were itching to  ticket me. He was not confused, in fact, he used the visible information to go to my website ( the whole point of the exercise ) and get my phone # from the site. I'm sure he could have used the MOT licence database to get the same info, but the 'plate' worked. He was understanding, and in no way intimidating or pressuring, adding that he found the whole thing very creative and impressive. However, he suggested some changes, so I compromised, and now have a new look. ( My wife says it actually is more noticeable ) We'll see . . .

New Look