Lang Lang and McCartney at the White House

The pianist Lang Lang played in a tribute to Sir Paul McCartney held at the White House, July 28, 2011 on PBS stations nationwide, where Sir Paul was presented with the Gershwin Prize for Composition. There was a minor dilemma that was solved with duct tape.  Lang Lang is under contract to Steinway, and the event had a Yamaha grand on which he was to play. Awkward . .  so some enterprising tech solved the problem as seen below . . Clever !

It wasn't a problem, though, when Sir Paul was playing !!

Recorded Music Media Evolution

There was a time, a few decades ago, we were packing up our LP's and trading them in for cassettes, an invention of Phillips of Holland. I bought my first cassette player in 1969 in Geneva,  Switzerland.
At the same time, I bought Led Zepp's first album, and being a bit or an adolescent rebel, I played it in public loud enough to piss off people in the vicinity. Time moves on, and now my tunes are on my iphone, and yes, there still are some Zeppling tunes in the playlist.
This Graph shows how we have migrated to the latest, newest thing.
I wonder what's next . . .

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A Mystery for the Eagle Eyed . .

The photo was in Time Magazine in Jan. 2000.
This piano was photographed in the Waldorf-Astoria in an article about Imelda Marcos, wife of the deposed Philipino Dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. She stayed in a suite which had in it, among other things, a Steinway D.

However there is a surprise in the photo . See if you can spot it !!!
Correct answers . .
  • Jules B

Did you know that . .

Piano strings are pulled to an average tension of around 200 pounds. Each piano has over 200 strings; thus, the total string tension of the average piano is around 40,000 pounds, or 20 tons.

Indeed . . What happened ???

You can still Honk !!

When I added the licence plate enhancement, I received several admonitions from our local OPP that it was 'confusing' and I could be liable to a $$ fine $$. This informative process culminated with a lengthy phone call from some senior OPP official, who was very clear that a number of his junior officers were itching to  ticket me. He was not confused, in fact, he used the visible information to go to my website ( the whole point of the exercise ) and get my phone # from the site. I'm sure he could have used the MOT licence database to get the same info, but the 'plate' worked. He was understanding, and in no way intimidating or pressuring, adding that he found the whole thing very creative and impressive. However, he suggested some changes, so I compromised, and now have a new look. ( My wife says it actually is more noticeable ) We'll see . . .

New Look