Repairs and Restoration Services

Piano repairs fall into three broad categories:

1 - Regulating
2 - Minor Running Repairs
3 - Overhauls, Renovations and Reconditioning


Regulating refers to the adjustment of the piano action, keys and pedals. Each note has many adjustments to make it work at its' optimum point so it will be as responsive as possible. Regulation becomes necessary because of wear in the action and the fact that cloth, felt and leather parts become compressed or stretched.

Regulation Costs

Minor Regulation
Adjust lost motion, & let-off $ 75.00

Major Regulation
number of required individual procedures.
( Number of steps / 1388 individual actions ) $250.00

by special arrangement.

On-site Repairs

These repairs cover things that can be done in your home. Replacement of strings, replacement or repair of action parts and adjusting very loose or very tight keys.

Overhauls, Renovations and Reconditioning

These terms all refer to work that would normally be undertaken in a workshop. for example, re-stringing the piano or re-building the action renewing all worn parts.

Re-contour hammers $ 85.00
Replace bridle straps $ 75.00
Recover keytops $ 225.00

Refinish Cabinet from $1,600.00
Re-pin from $ 700.00
Re-string from $ 800.00

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