Meet Jennifer Merchant - A.R.C.T

Jennifer is a qualified piano teacher with an A.R.C.T. from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She loves teaching music to all ages, encouraging them to develop their talents. She has lots of experience in many areas of music, and has taught privately and in a music studio: piano, keyboard and theory lessons.
Teaching in private schools, she has developed choirs, bands and musicals. She has volunteered in her Church for worship and children’s ministry and has been the music director in two Churches.
Sharing her talent with the community, she volunteers to play at a seniors home and also teaches music at True North Academy in Wasaga Beach.
Jennifer loves to play all types of music and hopes to give every student a lasting love for music and the ability to perform their gifts for others as well as themselves.

There are yearly recitals featuring different themes, so students choose fun pieces at their level to perform. Different themes include Disney music, Movie themes, Christian Contemporary music, Jazz, Country, etc. Various students formed a band for last years concert with drums, vocals, and keyboard. All students also work on several Christmas songs each year.
"Music can help our brains function at greater levels. It teaches discipline and good work habits. It helps build self-confidence, creative problem solving and can give high school students a higher overall average".
Jennifer also plays for parties, weddings and funerals.

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