Are You a Piano Teacher ??

As part of my community out-reach into the world of music lessons and piano learning in the Collingwood area, I host a list of Teachers that I think my customers will appreciate. If you're currently a piano teacher, or you are thinking of becoming one and would like to get some referrals, please let me know so I can feature you here.

Information I'd like to get from you to provide the best service for my customers would be as follows:

Location: Do you prefer students come to you, or do you make house calls? Please share either an exact address, or if you prefer, just a major intersection/neighbourhood that I can include with your profile. I may include a Google Map as well.

Mini-Bio: The elevator pitch for why a student (or their parents) should choose you, over another teacher? No need for more than a paragraph or two. Put your specialty or even what you prefer to teach, and hopefully I can match you with customers and interested parties that fit well with your style.

Contact Information: I can publish this if you like, for the exposure, or if you would prefer I keep it un-published and simply give it out to customers that ask, that's fine too. Please include all your details, phone, mobile, email, website, twitter, facebook, others, etc. It's all valuable when selecting a teacher.

Photo: People get bored with lists, so I like to add some life to my posts. Include a photo with your info if you like, and I will re-size as necessary, so big is fine. Want to share a few, no problem.

Where to Send it? Email all this information, as well as the photos as attachments to and I will create your profile on my site right away.

Are you a student? Tell your teacher about this Free service. They'll thank you!

For the Full List of Piano Teacher Profiles Click Here